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Who We Are

” Our Approach to Problem Solving In The Oil & Industrial “

REAL PETROCHEM is an independent company uniquely positioned through its domestic and international networks.

It has extensive experience in the industry and has the ability to quickly adjust to its customer needs. The company has been set up in the Chennai through various supply chain synergy developments around India in the relevant fields of petroleum and petrochemicals.

Since 2000, Mr. Khaja Mohiddin is in the field of trading in Petroleum products. In 2010, we started operatons in trading in Andhra Pradesh and in Karnataka. In, 2012, We established, our waste oil recycling unit and Used oil Re-refining units in  Andhra Pradesh. We continued to diversify even further.

By the early 2018s, Mr. Mohammed Ansari s/o Khaja mohiddin established the Real Fuel Tech Pvt Ltd at Gummidipoondi, in Chennai, Tamilnadu, in order to realise our objective of becoming the top integrated enterprise in south India. We designed with an acceptable storage capacity with 400 KL for class B and C petroleum products and a capacity of 92 KL for the blending unit because there are numerous ways to distribute more amount to the market. In the future, we hope to increase the supply of our core items listed below while also continuing to provide the market with dependable sustainable energy.

In 2022, we built this company as a further extension to serve the paint industry. It will have a dedicated underground storage facility with a 400 KL capacity for Class A petroleum products, a 300 KL capacity for Class B petroleum products, and a 300 KL capacity for Class C petroleum goods.

We are engaged to manufacturing the Fuel oils, Turpentine Oil and Thinner are the necessity today and ever onwards.

Similarly the Fuel oils are used by various Foundries and also, the major Boiler users. The Company is capable of providing the oil to the requirement of the user.

Turpentine and Thinner Oils are used in the soap and cosmetics and also a paint solvent. It is also using as cleaning agent.

These, product are positioned, in the seller’s market and has great demand. Our desire to start this Industry is due to the prosperous positioning of the product and is the only product that does not face any shrinkage in demand at any point of time.

Marketing of the product is suitably possible since we have so many Industries in our country and no Industry can operate without the use of these products. The company adopts the Niche strategy for product and marketing functions. In Today‘s market; Product Availability and Product Requirement Prevails, but these two aspects does not meet ends.

The right selection to consider what properties are required for them in relation to the conditions of service and operating conditions, having the right properties such as Yield value, Viscosity and Consistency depending on the application. The quality manufacture is based on certain important Laboratory Tests, removal of split materials totally, such that the base product is pure and similar to the virgin base stock and blending it with standard additives suitably, such that the products, efficiency is proved through performance.


REAL PETROCHEM is into grade corrections of petroleum hydrocarbons, based on requirements, such as quality Turpentine oils and Fuel fractions, we make extensive range of premium grade, Industrial and Specialty Oils. Our product has the typical physical chemical properties of Oil and other specialty products developed to suit the Indian conditions and requirements.

The total land for the unit is situated at Sy. Nos-89 part, 87 part, Plot no D-15B, Sipcot industrial Complex, Sinthalakuppam, Gummidipoondi in Tamilnadu-601201, with Building and land approval. Also with Explosive clearance and License of Classification- A, B & C.

The products are made as per IS Specification and other requisite specification, accepted internationally. The acceptance levels are as per Mercedes Benz, Caterpillar Tractor Co., U.S- Military others.

We propose to procure oils from, M/s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd and from imported oil sources.

The Mineral Turpentine Oil from reputed companies are procured as per the required specifications. Additive packages added for Blending are based on the recommendation. We have qualified chemists to take care of day to day production.


What We Do


We blend and supply different grades of LDO, Turpentine oil and Thinners based on client requirements.


We have a industrial storage facility with a capacity of 1000KL.

Import & Trade

We do import from Middle East and Asian countries and also trading all over India.

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